Jesus Christ Superstar
Rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jesus Christ Superstar
Music - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Libretto - Tim Rice
Director - Vladimir Podgorodinsky
Choreographer - Gennady Abramov
Set Designer - Alla Kozhenkova
Russian lyrics translation - Grigory Kruzhkov and Marina Boroditskaya
Staged in agreement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.
Jesus Christ - Title role
(since 26.02.2016)
Judas Iscariot - Title role
(since 26.01.2020)
Peter / Simon the Zealot, Ensemble
(since 15.10.2015)
King Herod
And then there was «Gethsemane» and I forgot how to breathe. Because it was performed differently, shrill and with tears to be heard in his voice. But also with a desperately-demanding «Show me», laced with endless fatigue. Probably for the first time «What you started!» sounded with such condemnation and even dull anger. A quiet «no» before Judas' kiss finished me off. It was the point of no return. Only humility and pain remained after it. Yaroslav has done something incredible.
Yana Yukhacheva about Yaroslav's performance as Jesus Christ in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar
The scene with the Pieces of Silver is probably the strongest and most terrifying of Act I. The way Yaroslav performed it was incredibly vivid: the way he recoiled in horror from the pouch with coins, falling a his feet, and how he stalled and stretched his trembling hand were more than significant. And the horror from the understanding what catastrophe he caused, awareness the moment he finally lifts the pouch, cuts to the very core.
Elena Koroleva about Yaroslav's performance as Judas Iscariot in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar

The Last Trial (Dragonlance musical)
The Last Trial
(Dragonlance musical)
The Last Trial (Fantasy musical)
Composer - Anton Kruglov
Lyrics - Elena Hanpira
Director - Ruslan Gerasimenko
Raistlin Majere - Title role
(since 12.10.2019)
(since 22.09.2018)
(since 18.05.2018)
I love the way this tells a story without words!
Margaret Weiss, author of the Dragonlance book series. About the promo video of Yaroslav's premiere in the role of Raistlin Majere, the character she created.
There was never such a literal understanding of the musical texts before. Each word was pronounced with the proper meaning. It gets scary sometimes. Yes, it is impossible to fall in love with such a Raistlin, yes, «love is a death», and after watching Yaroslav's version you will be convinced that this is a tragedy and not a second-rate fantasy.
Anton Kruglov, composer // Vox Populi
Yaroslav is very strong. It takes tremendous strength to play this. But that was cruel of him as well, to show such strength in that performance, which proclaims the fall from the last step of the at once collapsed stairway. While watching the performance, you also feel yourself fallen and destroyed. You are pressed into a chair, your entire being is folded into a small dense lump somewhere in your core. And it's hard to get up. And no foothold to be found...
Artist VseLennaya shares her impressions about the show and the role of Raistlin performed by Yaroslav.

Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo (Musical)
Moscow Operetta Theater
Benedetto (since 06.10.2018)
It's a miracle, because I was fortunate to hear and see the closing performance of the season and the most incredible Benedetto. A person, an actor, the magical Yaroslav, whose performance... no, life! on the stage of the Operetta Theater strikes with new vigor every time, as his Benedetto is always different. On Friday he made quite an impression - for the first time watching this musical I could not hold back my tears.
Valya Krivosheev about on the role of Benedetto, Monte Cristo, Moscow Operetta Theater

Jekyll & Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde, the musical by Frank Wildhorn
St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy
(since 08.11.2016)

Alexander Ragulin's Karamazovy rock-opera, conceptual concert
Alexey Karamazov
(since 02.10.2020)
It was incredible! Everyone's tragedies played out in front of me in 1,5 hours. Yaroslav Bayarunas as Alyosha absolutely blew my mind! All that waverings, hesitations, torments in his gaze and the goosebumps from his aria! What a spectacular debut!!!
Marusya Trofimova about the role of Alyosha Karamazov

Idiot (Musical)
Ippolit Terentyev (premiere on 21.06.2017)
performances and concerts at the "Zazerkalye" Theater, "Book Alleys" and the "LDM New Stage" Theatre.
A Girl in a Million (Musical by Maxim Leonidov)
St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy
Ensemble (swing), Chukcha-husband and NKVD officer in the interrogation scene (premiere on 08.02.2019)
The Portrait of Dorian Gray (Horror musical)
St. Petersburg Theater
Music Hall

Adrian Singleton (since 07.02.2020)
Labyrinths of dreams (Family musical)
Musical by Gleb Matveichuk
The Mad Hatter - Title role (since 14.02.2020)

Icarus (Rock opera) Project of composer Anton Kruglov
Powered by Pentagram
production center.
Vagrant - in a cast album recording and participation in concert-presentations (since 2018)


At the St. Petersburg «Rock Opera» Theatre

✔ Romeo and Juliet (Rock opera by V. Calle) (2016-2018): - Romeo - title role - Ensemble
✔ Ghost (Musical comedy by R. Kamhen) (in 2015) - George Otis
✔ The Best Hits of the Rock Opera (Concert)

At the «LDM New Stage» Theatre
✔ Two arrows (Musical based on the play by Alexander Volodin): - Eared - title role (one-time, 07.04.2018)

With «Pentagram» production center
✔ Project based on the Death Note musical: - Detective L - recording of a cast-album and participation in concerts-presentations (since August 2017)

With Elena Hanpira
✔ Atlantis (Rock opera) - Arrondo - recording of a cast album (since December 2018)

With Sergei Skripnikov
✔ Hyperborea - Symphony of the North Wind (Rock musical) - Yaros - recording of a cast album (since February 2019


The Cossack song and dance ensemble under the direction of Alexander Mukienko. - Chorist (since 2013)

IIlya Averbukh's Ice Skating Shows
✔ The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
✔ The Bremen Town Musicians - Vocalist (since December 2017)

Yaroslav is a «singing presenter» at the SLAVNAYA KVARTIRA , a club for musical theater lovers (St. Petersburg) and the host of The World of Musical with Yaroslav Bayarunas recitals (Moscow).
Invited guests: stars of the musical theatre.

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