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In 2020 Yaroslav launched a series of Twitch streams, regular online solo performances and collaborations with Russian musicals' stars: Ivan Ozhogin (Russian musical theater actor, singer, laureate of the National Theater Awards «The Golden Mask» and "Musical Heart of Theater"); Agatha Vavilova (singer and actress of musicals in St. Petersburg and Moscow, of the National Theater Award «The Golden Mask»); Alexey Tolstokorov (musical actor and opera singer).

Yaroslav's online concerts are highlighted with high broadcast- and sound quality, author's arrangements and musical surprises, as well as intricate makeup.

The streams are always openly accessible. You don't have to be a registered Twitch user to join them.

Describing the work with Yaroslav Bayarunas in three words: personal boundaries' expansion. For me on a professional level Yaroslav is a person, who makes one overcome some lack of experience, allows to try and create without being afraid for the result. He will be certainly pleased with the work done, as there is complete mutual understanding. On a personal level Yaroslav, with his approach to life, proves every day that the limits are only in our heads. If you have an idea it deserves to be fulfilled, and it's a sacrilege not to give her a chance, nipping it in the bud.
Tatiana Veselova, make-up artist about working with Yaroslav on the online concert «HAPPY END»! Read more at Kino-Teatr.RU
There are people who build fan theories based on the Marvel and DC comics, the Star Wars franchise and other fascinating universes. I also like to build theories and predict events in future films / series / books ... and I am very glad that there is SUCH an actor of my favorite theatrical genre, who can give a head start to all comic book script writers in creating worlds.
Sofia Smirnova about FOREVER & ALWAYS online concert
Shameless magical concerts
A conceptual concert series, where each concert is a performative story, a continuation or a spin-off of the general storyline. Every performance develops a universe full of events and characters, building around the protagonist.

A multimedia show, bits from musicals and rock operas, intros from anime and TV series, games' OST, Russian Rock and World Rock classics in the author's experimental arrangements. Always Live!

There is a series of shameless magic AR effects created based on the saga.
« This time, as always, I hope to irrevocably shock everyone. I think many people will not be able to call this action a concert. It is a performance. It is probably the most powerful revelation
of all four.. »
Yaroslav Bayarunas about the last concert of the saga
First of all, Yaroslav Bayarunas brought everything together with his vocals. His singing has an interesting property - it somehow captures different shades of emotions, but turns them into one spectrum. And then - he passes it through himself and gives away completely. It's mesmerizing and makes you want more.
Evgeniya Smekhova about the Shameless Epic Concert for MuseCube
The Flowers of Evil
An atmospheric musical fantasy-concert based on the poetry of the French decadent and symbolist Charles Baudelaire, combined with pieces from musicals, rock operas and rock compositions. The concerts «FLOWERS OF EVIL Chapter I» and «FLOWERS OF EVIL Chapter II» already took place, the third chapter is in progress.
«With his «abominations» Baudelaire showed me the way not worth living…»
And I left the hall (ran out, actually) being so strangely happy. Because everyone can resist the darkness, keep out decay, prevent your own «patchwork quilt» from turning completely grey... you just need to learn to radiate light, generate happiness within yourself and release it into the world. And it's good when, in the course of everyday life, someone keeps reminding you about it.
Alla Savchenko about The Flowers of Evil fantasy concert
Acoustic concerts
«Roof-raising, cozy, loud, tube acoustics!»
Yaroslav Bayarunas
The entire concert was penetrated with «pain, internal battles, decline and resurrection». At the same time, there was no feeling of a screaming despair. More like reflections «on the subject». And there were fun times too)))
Karina Kanyukova about the Acoustic Evening «FINALLY!»
Rock concerts
- «What would you suggest to someone, who is about to experience the atmosphere of your concerts for the first time?»

- «Pursue the track-lists from the previous concerts in advance! Come and enjoy, because everything will be fair!» - Yaroslav Bayarunas
« Spiritual food,
Anger Management Course,
And non-casual encounters await »
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